This is why the Post Office is going broke

Published 10:41 pm Thursday, May 28, 2015

I notice the United States Post Office is trouble again and preparing to raise postage again.

I mailed a letter to the City of Troy Alabama, and to their physical address.

The letter was returned to me because the courier was apparently too lazy to put the letter in the city’s Post Office Box.

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It was returned to me, and I had to resend the letter with a new stamp on it.

The Post Office is also unionized. All the unions care about is getting their dues each week or month.

I think ALL UNIONS should be removed from the federal government or any government entity.

There are many benefits offered to employees without the participation of unions.

This is why the Post Office is going broke.

There are apparently no classes for couriers, on the RIGHT WAY AND WRONG WAY to deliver mail.

Mail carriers should be happy to go out of their way, to try and help customers who use the mail, rather than email or telephone.

I am very upset this letter was not put in the city’s Post Office box.

John Lewis

Chattanooga, TN