Goshen Eagles topple Pike County Bulldogs

Published 3:00 am Thursday, April 23, 2015

Casey Allen connects with the ball for the Eagles during their match up against Pike County High School Tuesday.  MESSENGER PHOTO/SCOTTIE BROWN

Casey Allen connects with the ball for the Eagles during their match up against Pike County High School Tuesday.

As the Goshen Eagles come closer and closer to their area tournament, head coach Amy Warrick says she’s liking the way her team is looking.

The GHS softball team faced the Pike County Bulldogs’ softball team Tuesday and left Brundidge with a 15-2 victory, Warrick said the team had been on fire offensively, connecting with the ball during the match up.

Kati Thomas hit a two-run homerun in the beginning of the contest, and Warrick said that had likely been a large contributor to the momentum the Eagles possessed during their game.

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“Well, Kati had a really good hit,” Warrick said. “She went on to get another really good hit. I know that Kati popped out the last time, so I want to say she was three for four. She’d been struggling at the bat, so it was really great to see her doing well again.”

Warrick said Jessica Little also had a good hit for the Eagles coming close to earning another home run for the team as a whole.

“The ball hit the top of the yellow, but I thought it was out,” Warrick said. “Overall, it was a very good day offensively. The bats were something we needed to get going as we make our way into our area tournament. I was proud of how they stayed back and waited at the plate. We saw a fair amount of walks, which I liked to see. That means we are waiting on our pitches.”

The Eagles started familiar face, and senior, Lizzy Galloway in the circle for the first half of the game, and Warrick said she was proud of the outing the twelfth grader had against Pike County.

“Lizzy did a great job,” Warrick said. She had her normal three or four strikeouts. I don’t even know if she’d given up a hit, but then we brought Sydney, her sister, in and She pitched the last two innings. She did really well, she gave up two runs right there out the end.”

Warrick said the switch between sisters Lizzy and Sydney was not uncommon for the team and she had wanted to give Sydney the opportunity to throw some pitches in light of the tournament the Eagles will participate in this weekend.

“Lizzy and Sydney change out at third base, so when a ball was hit kind of to Lizzy I debated whether it was a hit or not. But, they ended up getting two runs in. I jokingly told Lizzy she should tell her sister sorry for letting the runners get by her, because that’s what started the runs. I think Sydney did a great job in the circle though.”

Warrick said the team would be traveling to Elba over the weekend just for the girls to have the opportunity to see more pitchers and a chance to play more games.

“I am excited for the chance to play more games because I do want Sydney to pitch more,” Warrick said. “Right now, with Lizzy pitching most of our games, I want Sydney to be able pitch some and let our defense play behind a new pitcher.”

And, despite winning the game by 13 runs, Warrick said she Pike County’s offense had hit the ball well when given the opportunity.

“Brundidge hit the ball at us and they hit the ball hard, but I’m very pleased with how our defense looked,” Warrick said. “I think we turned two double plays, so I saw our defense move a lot.”

Warrick said following the conclusion of the game and as the girls prepare for their upcoming tournament, she had tried to encourage the team and remind them the standards of excellence they are being held to.

“I told them after the game Tuesday that this is the team that I want them to be and know they can be so we want to use this to warm up for area tournaments,” Warrick said. “They were very focused Tuesday, so I was excited to see them playing the way we should be and can be. This team has had a lot of success, but we can’t overlook people. We have a great area, but we’re going to have to be honed in and focused going into area play. We don’t get the chance to have bad games, we’re going to have be focused.”

Warrick said the Eagles would be facing Florala and Straughn in their upcoming tournament.