PCHS traveling to Slocomb

Published 3:00 am Friday, April 17, 2015

For the Pike County Bulldogs, this baseball season has been about proving something, and as the team readies for the first round of playoffs, head coach Tony May finally feels like their message is getting across.

The Bulldogs traveled to Abbeville last week, and in 17-3 and 29-2 wins May said the Bulldogs did what they went there to do–win.

“Well, it was a very one-sided game, which was good for us,” May said. “What we had been trying to work on was our offense, and we definitely executed our bats.”

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May also said the team had been able to advance runners easily during the match up and only recalled one error in either of the two games against Abbeville.

“We got ourselves out of situations and got ourselves into scoring positions a lot against Abbeville,” May said. “I can’t recall but one error in both games, and it was from a player that usually doesn’t play first base anyway. We were really on top of things. We were communicating and playing the way we’re supposed to. We’ve been playing like we’re practicing.”

May said as a coach, he had taken it upon himself to ensure the team was in its best state of mind going into the match up against Slocomb Friday, and even had t-shirts made for the players congratulating them on making it to playoffs.

“I have seen a drastic improvement, and I believe we’re on the uphill swing,” May said. “I couldn’t have drawn a better scenario with the wins against Abbeville. Everything in baseball is about heart. We have got to play the way we’re practicing and you’ve got to have the same mindset.”

But, going into the game against Slocomb, May said the team not only had to be ready to play mentally but also ready to play physically despite the weather being against them all week.

“We’re trying to go all across the board to prepare for playoffs,” May said. “Our main concern is keeping their arms loose. With all the rain, we tried to get them into the gym so we’re trying to take advantage of hitting. Were trying to work on everything and make sure we feel confident going in there on Friday. We’ve made sure to get them to understand that they’re blessed to be playing baseball and blessed to not be done.”

The PCHS Bulldogs will travel to Slocomb today and face the Redtops at 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. May said a third game could be played Saturday if the two teams split Friday’s match ups.