Armory utilized as trooper post

Published 4:00 am Thursday, April 9, 2015

Those who frequent George Wallace Drive might have noticed several state trooper vehicles now posted at the National Guard Armory, a change that took place Jan. 1 of this year.

Sgt. Jimmy Helms said the troopers were using one side of the armory as a post, which had come from a partnership the two agencies had developed.

“We have a real good partnership with the National Guard and with the military in general,” Helms said. “This post opened on Jan. 1, the same as when Alabama Law Enforcement Agency was implemented. If you look at the EMA map, that’s how the highway patrol is lined up, and these posts fall in line with all seven divisions.”

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Along with increased visibility along George Wallace Drive and in Pike County, Helms said the largest benefit for troopers was the central location the post provides. Right now, the troopers have a total of 15 troopers who respond to the Troy post because they cover Dekalb, Pike, Crenshaw and Butler Counties.

“To be honest, the location is the primary factor as far as the benefit of this post,” Helms said. “Because of this location we are able to adequately interact with all four counties of the northern end of Division B. We are able to communicate a little bit better with our local law enforcement agencies within this county because of this location.”

But, the central location doesn’t come just as a help for troopers, Helms said the location also helped trucking companies when officers have to conduct audits.

“Trooper Kelly has to do audits for this regions and the southeast region,” Helms said. “This troy location is again a central location and he can ask his trucking companies come here at this central location instead of traveling further.”

And, the central location will also help in times of an emergency or natural disaster Helms said.

“When we have natural disasters, we work hand in hand with the National Guard,” Helms said. “It wasn’t that big of a gap, but this helps bridge it being that they’re just down the hall. We can coordinate all our responses from right here. You have all your state assets here.”