Mothers, daughters gather for tea and talks about relationships

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The SUSO Community Outreach Program was organized three years ago with the belief that the power of any community is with the people.

“SUSO (Showing United Saving Ourselves) recognizes that it’s up to us to make our communities better,” said Mitch Sneed, SUSO founder. “We can’t depend on anyone else to come into our community and do it for us. The power is with the people of our community.”

For three years, SUSO has been working to make the Troy community a better place to live and work. The focus of many of the program’s events and activities is on youth.

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On Saturday, the community outreach program sponsored a Mother/Daughter Tea for the purpose of bringing mothers and daughters together to talk about issues facing women in general.

“The tea was a way to bring unity to the community,” Sneed said. “The Mother/Daughter Tea was the brainchild of Sophia White Austin. It was good to see mothers and daughters coming together to share a time of fellowship and benefit from an opportunity to bond as mothers and daughters. Shelia Jackson was an inspiring speaker and spoke to the daughters as well as the mothers.”

Jackson spoke to the mothers and daughters about the relationship between mothers and daughters.

“Everyone wants to be loved,” Jackson said. “The love of a daughter and mother is one of the strongest human feelings. And those feelings between a daughter and her mom are expressed in different ways. When a daughter is 10 years old, she will say ‘I love you, mom.’ By the age 14, she will find her mom annoying. When she’s 18, she’ll want to leave the house but, by age 25, she’ll know that her mom was right. At age 30, she will have completely forgiven her mom and, at age 50 she’ll pray not to lose her mother.”

Jackson said happy memories bond children to their mothers.

“I have a habit of saying, ‘wait a minute’ when my daughter calls for me,” she said. “But I’ve found out that by waiting I might miss out on something very important in Gabby’s life.

“So, I’ve found that I must take time to listen to her, appreciate her, hug her and pray with her. I must be role model, a guide and a light for my daughter.”

Jackson encouraged the mothers and daughters to spend time together and to make time to pray together and to thank God for love in this world.

“There is no substitute for love,” she said. “Love is our most important human value. Our hearts are no good without love.”

Austin said Jackson touched the hearts both the mothers and daughters.

“The Mother/Daughter Tea was a success in the message that was conveyed and the love and fellowship shared.

“About 60 people attended and the funds that were raised will support the scholarship that SUSO will presented to a qualified and deserving student this year,” she said. “We appreciate the support of Troy City Schools in allowing us to host the tea at Charles Henderson Middle School and all of those who joined us for this celebration of mothers and daughters.”

SUSO will host a father/son basketball games in June. The date and time will be announced.