County approves solid waste plan

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, March 10, 2015

After a brief public hearing, Pike County commissioners approved a new solid waste collection plan on Monday.

Bobby Douglas spoke to commissioners about the county’s 10-year solid waste plan during the regularly scheduled work session.  The plan details the solid waste generated in the county, outline who collects it and how it will be disposed.

The commission then held a public hearing to allow questions from concerned citizens, but after no public input Commission Chairman Homer Wright said the public hearing would come to a close.

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“As the administrator just said, this is a part of our public hearing,” Wright said. “We don’t see anybody that has anything against it, so we are going ahead and approve it.”

Douglas said no changes were made from the previous plan.

“We haven’t had any changes or anything,” Douglas said. “It’s an update of the last one. We look forward to doing any work with y’all in the future.”

Also at Monday’s meeting, Russell Oliver, county engineer, requested permission to advertise for three new personnel positions.

Oliver said the department seeks to fill a full-time position, a part-time position and a temporary part-time position.

The commission approved Oliver’s request. Oliver also requested the commission suspend the rules to allow for the engineer to travel and look at two tractors in the ALDOT surplus. Oliver said the road department had previously looked at two John Deere tractors on the surplus list, but under the suggestion of Commissioner Joey Jackson, District 5, will be look at two surplus Kubota tractors.

“I think what we should do is go and look at them and request those two,” Oliver said.

Oliver also asked the commission to consider the engineer’s request to deny the CDBG contract bid that was sent in. Oliver said the road department had received only one bid for the contract, and the bid came in at twice the amount estimated.

County Administrator Harry Sanders suggested acquiring a short-term loan or allowing for funding through the county’s general fund.

Sophia Jones from Human Resource Development Inc. in the Child and Adult Food Care Program was also present during the commission’s work session. Jones said the program monitored home daycares for several counties in the region.

“We monitor the home daycares in this area,” Jones said. “We have 11 home daycare providers here that we go out and see. Last month out of the 11 homes we had about 80 children that were fed 1,200 snacks 50 suppers and close to 1,200 breakfasts.”

The commission also heard from Jeremiah Rodgers, a former member of the Alabama Forestry Commission. Rodgers came to thank the commission for their hard work during his time as a member of Alabama Forestry Commission and to announce his retirement at the end of March.

“As of today, I am no longer employed by the Alabama Forestry Commission,” Rodgers said. “I just wanted to come in here and say a simple thank you for what you guys have done. I know there were times that money was tight, but if we asked for something you guys made an effort to find it and make it happen.”

Commissioner Ray Goodson thanked Rodgers for his service.

“The county commission has never asked you for something that you haven’t come through with,” Goodson said.