The girls can ball, too

Published 3:30 am Thursday, March 5, 2015

If there is one thing that Troy-area women’s’ and girls’ athletics has taught us this past year, it’s that “playing like a girl” is not an insult — nor should it ever be— but rather, a compliment.

As seasons begin, progress and ultimately ended in 2014 and the early part of 2015, the women in Troy have made quite a name for themselves.

Take this last fall, for example.

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Troy football had a disappointing 3-9 year, and people around the city were, understandably so, upset and apathetic about the team.

But who else should come along that very same time but the Troy women’s soccer team.

The ladies from Troy had a dream year on the pitch, recording their best season in school history, a remarkable 16-6 record, and the school’s first-ever trip to the women’s Sun Belt Tournament championship.

Congrats, ladies. Way to represent.

Then, without pause, there was the Troy women’s basketball team. While the men are have a down year, the Troy women are having their best year in decades at 19-9 on the season, and are making a strong case for themselves to follow the soccer team to the Sun Belt Tournament championship.

Seeing a trend yet?

It doesn’t just stop at college athletics.

This year, the Charles Henderson basketball team, as well as Pike County’s boy’s basketball team, made a deep run into the playoffs.

In fact, the Lady Trojans were the last girl’s team in Pike County to be playing basketball.

And as softball has begun, there are some dominant teams hitting the field. Pike Liberal Arts softball is in the midst of a six-game win streak and is demolishing almost every team it faces.

And in Goshen, the Lady Eagles are poised to have a big year behind recent Alabama Southern signee Lizzy Galloway.

The list could go on.

It is not just men’s and boy’s sports that are compelling or that deserve our attention.

The girls in Troy deserve every bit our attention as the boys do.

There are some great teams in the midst of their seasons right now. And if they have shown us anything, it’s that girls — not just boys — can ball, too.