Sav-A-Life to benefit from movie night

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bush Memorial Baptist Church will host a special pre-release screening of “Life Changes Everything” on March 7, with proceeds benefitting the both the local Sav-A-Life program and the national release of the movie.

It will be the second fund-raiser for the Sav-A-Life program, which held its annual auction and low country boil on Friday.

“We had an excellent crowd,” said Jane Ward, executive director at Sav-A-Life. “We sold out of tickets the week before, and we had never done that before. It was awesome.”

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“The auction is our major fund raiser each year,” Ward said. “We have needs just to keep the facility going such as buying pregnancy tests, information for the women, office equipment and things to keep our day-to-day operation going.” Ward said that all services from Sav-A-Life are free, and they want to make sure they keep it that way.

Angi Horn Stalnaker was the guest speaker and told her personal story of her son being born prematurely at 20 weeks.

Sav-a-Life continues their fund raising efforts by showing the pre-release of “Life Changes Everything.”

“Seeing this movie convinces me even more that no matter what the circumstances are, every life is important,” Ward said. “It is a powerful movie with a powerful message.”

“Life Changes Everything” is a film that shows the story of Zac Ryan. Zac’s birth parents faced the decision of giving him life through birth or death through the process of abortion.

“It is a very emotional and heart-wrenching story,” said Marshall LeCroy, family pastor at Bush Memorial Baptist Church. “I’ve watched it several times. It is a wonderful story. It is produced really well, and it is a well-written story. The plot line gets better and better as it goes. There is a twist ending that will keep you on the edge of your seats.”

The writer and producer, Corey Paul, is working toward the national release of this pro-life movie. The movie will be shown initially in local churches and pregnancy centers to raise awareness for the movie.

“We are really excited to be able to host this event,” LeCroy said. “While it is being hosted here, it is truly a community event; it is not just for members. It is for anyone who wants to help impact the pro-life movement, for anyone who may be struggling with ideas of having an abortion, or anyone who wants to share ideas about having the opportunity to have life, including our unborn children.”

The screening will be held on March 7 at Bush Memorial Baptist Church, located at 605 George Wallace Drive at 6 p.m. Ward said that March 7 is the 29th anniversary of the creation of Sav-A-Life.