Ivey speaker at Business and Finance Academy

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Alabama Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey visited the Business and Finance Academy at PCHS Monday. MESSENGER PHOTO/JAINE TREADWELL

Alabama Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey visited the Business and Finance Academy at PCHS Monday.

Alabama Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey was the guest speaker at the Business and Finance Academy at Pike County High School Monday.

John Ramage, First National Bank president, said Ivey is committed to job creation and to preparing students for the 21st century workforce.

“We are pleased to have Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey at Pike County High School,” Ramage said. “She is the first Alabama Girls State alumnus elected to an Alabama Constitutional office. Lieutenant Governor Ivey brought 10 years experience in the banking business to the Lieutenant Governor’s office. She does an outstanding job in serving the people of Alabama.”

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Ivey spoke to the students about ways to be effective citizen leaders and encouraged them to make a difference where they live.

“Be engaged,” Ivey told the students. “Separate yourself from your peers by doing more and being more. Always do more than is required of you.”

Ivey told the students that, to be an effective citizen leader, it is also important to know how to communicate.

“Look people in the eyes when you talk with them,” she said. “That lets them know you are interested and trustworthy. Be sincere. Sincerity is a must when conveying a message. Sincerity is the key,”

So is what one wears.

Ivey told the students to dress modestly and stay way from apparel that will be the focus of a later conversation.

“Don’t wear anything that people will be talking about when you leave,” she said. “You want people to talk about your attributes, not what you are were wearing.”

She gave the students a tip about the placement of a nametag.

“Put your nametag on the right side,” she said. “Then, when you shake hands the other person will be able to see your nametag and will better remember your name and you.”

The lieutenant governor talked briefly about the upcoming legislative session.

“The budget will be the big issue,” she said. “The legislature will have to find money to fund the general fund and that will be a challenge. Alabama must have a balanced budget. To do that, the legislature will have to find more money or reduce expenses. The budget will have to be balanced.”

Ivey is a native of Camden. She has had a career in the private sector as a banker and assistant hospital administrator as well as a career in public service.

Her public service includes being appointed by three governors to various positions in state government, including assistant director of the Department of Commerce, formerly known as the Alabama Development Office.