Ryles to pay if paroled

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Family representatives of Carla Smilie and Mark Adams could receive restitituion from Brandon Ryles and others who have been convicted in the double homicide, which took place in April 2011.

Representatives went before a judge Tuesday to determine whether Ryles would be held accountable to pay restitution fees to Smilie and Adams’ representatives, according to Jon Folmar with the district attorney’s office.

“The state requested that he is held liable for those expenses with the other codefendant should he ever be paroled or gets a job,” Folmar said. “

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Restitution is the order to try and make them as whole as possible or restore as much as possible to that family. It is considered a criminal proceeding, but it also has a civil judgment. You try and get the order from the court just in case there is a possibility at some point that he is able to pay those fees.”

Folmar said the district attorney’s office was seeking these fees as a way to try and make the families whole again and that the DA’s office aimed to continue in keeping the family members in their thoughts.

“We’re always concerned about our victims and trying to make them as whole as possible after any crime,” Folmar said. “In this case it’s hard to make them totally whole because they lost loved ones but the restitution hearing was put forward as an opportunity to try and recoup their financial losses.”

Ryles will not be held accountable for the fees as long as he is to remain in jail, Folmar said.

And, while the judge did rule in favor of the State, Folmar said Ryles’ attorney had already filed an appeal following Tuesday’s decision.

“They have already filed their notice of appeal for the conviction,” Folmar said. “The restitution hearing was basically for the victim’s representatives, or family members, because they had a loss of some sort. For this case you had fees being requested for lost work, funeral expenses, and that’s why we had the hearing.”