Property taxes due by first of year

Published 3:00 am Saturday, December 20, 2014

With the end of the year quickly approaching, Pike County Revenue Commissioner Curtis Blair wants to send a reminder to citizens of Pike County that property taxes became due on Oct. 1 and will be considered delinquent as of Dec. 31.

“We collect property taxes for eight different agencies for state of Alabama; Pike County, the Alabama general fund, Road and Bridge fund, county-wide schools, Troy City Schools, the Town of Banks, the City of Brundidge, the City of Troy, the Town of Goshen and we also collect the forestry tax for all forestry land,” Blair said. The taxes become due Oct. 1, and they’re delinquent by Dec. 31.”

Blair said payees can incur additional fees for paying after Dec. 31.

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“After that, there is a penalty,” Blair said. “After Dec. 31, you will be charged a $5 delinquent fee. Plus, it starts collecting interest at 12 percent until the taxes are paid. If they’re not paid, usually we have our tax sale in June, and we advertise the sale.”

The Revenue Commissioner’s office deals with land taxes and personal property taxes, and Blair said that he hoped to not have to collect delinquent fees or interest off of property taxes this year.

“We don’t want that, though,” Blair said. “Everything is on track right now. We’re working normally. Our collections are coming in great. We haven’t had any thing unusual, as of right now. People are coming in like they’re supposed to.”

While there is still time to turn in property taxes, 11 days to be exact, Blair said it was important people make plans to have their taxes paid before Dec. 31.

“People who haven’t come in, we need them to go ahead and come on in,” Blair said. “Our collections have been normal and we’re right on track, but there are still people who need to pay. It doesn’t take long to pay, and we have everything ready for when they come in. All they have to do is give us their name. If they have their bill, they can give us that. Or, they can mail it, or they can pay online.”

Residents who need to pay property taxes can pay online at, pay in person at the courthouse or send in a check by mail.