Female members of organization gather together to celebrate Christmas, enjoy company

Published 3:00 am Thursday, December 18, 2014

When a bunch of ladies get together, there’s no limit to the fun they have. And, when the gathering is around Christmas time it’s, “Katie bar the door.”

“But let the men come on in,” the “girls” said, laughing.

The Troy Regional Medical Center Senior Plus “girls” gathered in the hospital board room for their potluck Christmas luncheon and to say a good time was had by all would not even begin to describe the fun the ladies had.

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No male members of Senior Plus attended the luncheon and the ladies said that was “on account of the casseroles.”

Faye Lunsford, Senior Plus director, said the ladies are the regulars at potluck luncheons but there are just about as many male members of Senior Plus as female members.

“We have about 300 members of Senior Plus, and we have different activities each month that they all enjoy,” Lunsford said. “We have several covered-dish lunches during the month. We have two suppers each month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays, and we always have good participation. And, we all love to play Bingo.

“On Sundays, our Senior Plus members are invited to have Sunday dinner at the hospital cafeteria. The members get a 10 percent discount on meals that are already very reasonably priced. On Sundays, we’ll usually have about 20 members sign in for Sunday dinner.”

Senior Plus is an advantage that Troy Regional Medical Center provides for the senior members of the community.

“The first of January, we’ll celebrate 16 years of our seniors’ program,” Lunsford said. “The program was first called Senior Circle, now its Senior Plus with all the same advantages and more.”

Membership in TRMC Senior Plus program includes a newsletter that lists all upcoming activities and highlights the benefits of membership.

“When Senior Plus members are in the hospital, they get $25 off the price of their room,” Lunsford said. “And, the family member or friend, who is caring for the Senior Plus member, receives one complimentary meal each day the patient is in the hospital. That meal may be delivered to the hospital room or enjoyed in the cafeteria.”

Lunsford said Senior Plus also provides notary services for its members and will make copies, free of charge, of important papers and documents.

“Senior Plus provides several services to our members but the main benefit of membership is the fellowship that we all enjoy,” Lunsford said. “We always welcome new members, and the New Year is the ideal time to become a Senior Plus member.”

For more information about Senior Plus, interested persons are asked to contact Lunsford at TRMC.