Tuesday last day shoebox donations will be taken

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Today is the last day for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to be delivered to the Salem-Troy Baptist Association office, which is the collection point for Pike County.

Linda Adams, association administrator, said a large number of shoeboxes has been collected and those who would like to participate have only today to do so.

As a reminder, Adams said a shoebox or a plastic box the size of a regular shoebox is recommended.

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Although a larger plastic box or a boot box would hold more items, the small shoebox is preferred.

Adams said nearly 100 million shoeboxes were donated to Operation Christmas Child in 2013, but there still were not enough boxes for the millions of children around the world who did not know the love and caring a simple gift could bring.

“So rather than pack a large box for one child, it would be better to show that love and caring to two children,” she said.

The boxes should be marked as boy or girl and with an approximate age.

Items recommended for the shoeboxes include school supplies and toothbrushes.

“Children who don’t have the required school supplies are sometimes not allowed to attend school,” Adams said. “Ivory soap is recommended because it floats. When a child is bathing in the river and drops a bar of soap, it is lost unless it floats, like Ivory.”

Even though a toothbrush seems like a rather insignificant item to include, it is a big thing for many children.

“I’ve heard where as many as 14 people were sharing one toothbrush,” Adams said.

Other suggested items for the shoeboxes are T-shirts, mittens, small toys, stuffed animals, socks, balls and hard candy that should be double bagged because it could melt.

Anything liquid and glass items should not be included. War related toys and play guns are not allowed.

A check in the amount of $7 made to Operation Christmas Child should be included in each shoebox for shipping charges.

The checks are removed from the shoeboxes at the distribution center in Atlanta, as are any items that are disallowed.

Shoeboxes are to be delivered to the Salem-Troy Baptist Association office at 317 Ray Avenue just off George C. Wallace Blvd. in Troy.