Work is ongoing: Scarbrough: Registrars are following thorough process to verify provisional ballots

Published 3:36 am Saturday, November 8, 2014

With a Pike County race hanging in the balance, the Board of Registrars has begun the process of verifying and counting provisional ballots.

“We’re still in the middle of counting, and we are not completed,” said Benny Scarbough, chairman of the Board of Registrars.

Following the conclusion of Tuesday’s general election, Alan Boothe, republican incumbent for Hose District 89, led Joel Lee Williams, Democrat, by 95 votes: 5,489 to 5,394 (including Dale County results).

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While Scarbrough would not comment on the number of ballots the board had in its possession, he said the Board of Registrars, which is comprised of Scarbrough and two other members, were tackling the obstacles on their own.

“There are three registrars here, and we’re not bringing anyone in,” Scarbrough said. “We’re working it methodically. We’re doing it one by one. We know we have to have it done by next Wednesday, and we will have them done Wednesday.”

Voters had until 5 p.m. Friday in order to show a valid proof of photo identification, which added to the unknown mount of provisional ballots that would or would not be counted come Wednesday, Nov. 12.

“I really don’t know. We have until 5 o’clock (Thursday) afternoon where people have to come and identify,” Scarbrough said. “Voters have to show the photo ID to vote, if they didn’t have an ID the person has until the Friday after the election to show proof of identification.”

Scarbrough said the registrars were taking the counting of this year’s provisional ballots as seriously as any.

“I think anytime you have any vote is important. Period. We’re completing the entire race. It’s the entire race that we’re dealing with. Every person that ran and a vote was cast for, that’s what we’re dealing with.”

Scarbrough said the registrars had a system that detailed and led the members through the process of validating the ballots as well as counting them. Scarbrough said the job is tedious.

“It can be time consuming a little bit because you want to make sure you’re done with the steps correctly. Any election is important, and what we do in this election or what we do in the primary election or what we do in the next election is just as important.”

If following the addition of the verified provisional ballots, Boothe no longer has more than a 56-vote lead over Williams, Probate Judge Wes Allen said state law requires a manual count of the ballots. If Boothe’s lead remains more than 56 votes, Boothe will be announced the winner of the race