Troy city budget reflects growth

Published 3:00 am Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Troy city budget for FYE 2015 approved Tuesday by the Troy City Council reflects increased growth in the city, says Troy Mayor Jason Reeves.

Sales tax revenues are up from $5.5 million in FYE 2014 to $5.7 in FYE 2015T. The total amount of the FYE 2015 budget is $60.2 million.

“We are fortunate in city of Troy to have some growth,” Reeves said. “We will continue to manage the budget and I think we are expecting to continue to see increased growth and residential, commercial and industrial development in the city. I’m excited about that and look forward to a exciting new year – we’ve got some things on the horizon that will be good for our community.”

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Included in the budget is an across-the-board 1.7 percent cost of living raise for city employees, which Reeves said is based on consumer pricing index and the cost of living for the region. There is also a 2.5 percent raise for full time employees that were eligible in a step raise system related to anniversary of hire.

The City of Troy employs an average of 400 employees, with approximately 270 full-time employees. Reeves said the two largest expenses that the city has are $15 million in personnel costs and $20.4 million to supply electric current in the utilities department. The total amount of the FYE 2015 budget is $60.2 million.

Agencies the city will provide funding for include: Pike County Economic Development Corporation, $149,000; East Central Mental Health, $65,000; Troy Arts and Humanities, $48,000; Summer Feeding Program, $47,000; Pike County Chamber of Commerce, $40,000; Troy Pike Cultural Arts, $30,000; Seniors Center, $24,000; Christian Love Center, $20,000; Pike Soil and Water, $16,000; Boys and Girls Club, $15,000; Pike County Health Department, $12,000; Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, $12,000; Emergency Management, $10,000; Teen Advisors, $8,000; South Central Development Commission $6, 312; Pioneer Museum of Alabama, $6,000; Alabama League of Municipalities Dues, 5,800; and Keep Troy Beautiful, $5,000. The Troy Arts and Humanities received a $30,000 one-time increase in funding for the 2015 fiscal year to match a grant the agency received.

The budget also includes funding for possible improvements at the Troy Recreation department.

Plans for upgrades in the security system at the Troy Recreation Center, estimated at a cost of $188,000, is in the works, as well as other facility improvements.

Other possible projects planned for the department include a new batting cage facility at the Troy Sportsplex, estimated to cost $100,000; resurfacing the walking trail at Murphree Park, $28,500; and resurfacing of the gym and racquetball courts, $7,500.

“The current batting cages have gone out of date and need to be replaced,” Troy Mayor Jason Reeves said.