Roby meets with supporters

Published 3:00 am Thursday, September 25, 2014

US Rep. Martha Roby visited Troy Tuesday afternoon and had a meet and greet at Whaley Construction on Madison Street.

Roby was excited about being back in Pike County, and said it gave her a chance to meet with her supporters and express her concerns about current issues within Pike County and the nation.

“It’s great to be here,” Roby said. “It’s fun to spend time with my constituents and of course we finished our work in Washington last week with the passing of the continuing resolution to fund the government. We’re home now and getting to spend time with the folks that we represent.”

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Roby recently expressed her opinions on the issues surrounding US District Judge Mark Fuller, serves the Middle District of Alabama. Fuller recently was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of battery in Atlanta. Roby again expressed her concerns on how she feels Fuller should be dealt with.

“I issued a press release last week, there is a judicial process underway where the eleventh circuit is making their inquiry and investigation,” Roby said. “Ultimately, it is the responsibility of congress to move forward on impeachment or not. I will not shy away from my responsibility when the judicial inquiry has played itself out. With all that being said, domestic violence is an extremely important issue, and our children are watching. This cannot be swept under the rug. How we, as a society, respond to an NFL star or a federal judge, either way this is an important moment for our children to see how we respond.”

Roby also expressed her concerns Tuesday night about the initiative the US has shown with sending airstrikes on Syria.

“It’s very important that we take to the fight, and I’m pleased that’s the direction that we’re going,” Roby said. “That’s the right thing to do, and our men and women in uniform need to know we support them 100 percent. Whether or not ultimately this requires further action, boots on the ground, support to the air strikes— that is yet to be seen and we’ll make those decisions when the appropriate time comes. But for now, just taking this decisive military action is what we have been calling for, and it’s the right thing to do.”