Zion Chapel focused on ‘getting healthy’

Published 3:00 am Friday, September 12, 2014

After a 40-0 loss last week, the Zion Chapel Rebels have been preparing to face an equally athletic team in Calhoun this Friday.

Rebels head football coach Bradley Bowers said that while last week’s game was a tough loss to Elba, the team focused on finding a silver lining.

“We told our kids it was going to be an uphill battle,” Bowers said. “The biggest thing for us was to try to find something positive in that game. What I was really proud of was how we competed. I was proud of how we were able to move the football.”

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Bowers said his main concern last week was being able to get his football team healthy, and almost a week later Bowers said he still thought that was the aspect of the team that needed the most work.

“Going into this week the biggest thing we had to do was get healthy. We worked on us this week. (Calhoun is) harder to prepare for because they’re so athletic. They really extend plays, so we worked on was to try and contain the quarterback and to keep our edges in line for this week’s game.”

Although Bowers he felt the Rebels were able to move the ball up the field well, the team must finish drives.

“I feel offensively we’re able to move the football well,” Bowers said. “One thing we’ve go to work on is being able to finish our drives for points. We’d get into scoring position, and have something called and get pushed back. So we worked on finishing drives. I’m proud of that.”

While some people would say an away game is a disadvantage for the traveling team, Bowers said the largest challenge for his team would be breaking their game day routines.

“It gets us out of our routine having preseason, week one and week two being at home,” Bowers said. “Being coaches, and even players, we’re all creatures of habit, but we’re going to have to change our routine.”

However, Bowers said one thing that wouldn’t change for his players being on the road was their attitudes.

“Looking at them if they’re playing at home or playing on the road you really can’t tell a difference in their attitude and willingness to win,” Bowers said. “That’s one of the things that can be difficult for a coach. You have to get everybody off the bus, get them stretched and get them refocused.”

Zion Chapel will travel to Letohatchee to face the 0-2 Calhoun Tigers.