Lamda Chi fraternity lends a hand

Published 5:33 am Thursday, August 28, 2014

On one of the hottest days of the year, members of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity set out to volunteer at Pioneer Museum of Alabama.

Last Saturday, with the high at 98 degrees according to The Weather Channel, the fraternity brothers helped clean up the museum’s 1850 barn that was burnt down late May.

Pioneer Museum Executive Director Kari Barley said some of their board members and volunteers came for the first barn clean up day. However, they are very grateful that the fraternity members showed up.

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“We couldn’t have finished the project without their help,” Barley said. “They literally helped move the whole barn. We asked for some help and they came. But they went above and beyond with their hard work.”

According to Barley, the brothers came around 9 a.m. and worked all morning for several hours. They threw boulders out of the way, moved logs to a space where it was safer.

“They were a wonderful group of guys, impressive gentlemen,” Barley said. “It was extremely hot, extremely hard work, but they did not complain. They were very strong and worked through it. They were covered head to toe in dirt when they were done.”

Casey Fernandez, Vice President of External Affairs, Troy University Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity said his organization was asked by a sorority member from Alpha Delta Pi to volunteer at the museum.

“It was definitely hot but we enjoyed it,” Fernandez said. “We look forward to helping (the museum) anytime possible.”

According to Fernandez, 29 of the fraternity brothers went to clean out the burn down barn and move some trees that had fallen over several hundred feet away from the location.

“It was a really good feeling to help out the community in a positive way,” said Billy Grimy, a Lambda Chi brother. “(The work) wasn’t too hard because we all have an able body. We are fortunate enough to be in a position to help.”

Barley said the next clean up day is set to be Sept. 27. The dates vary from month to month but the museum tries to organize general clean up pretty often. If anyone wants to volunteer, the museum can be reached at 566-3597