TES students say ‘I can read’

Published 6:49 pm Friday, August 22, 2014

Messenger Photo/Ngoc Vo Troy Elementary first-graders participated in the 'I can read' activity with The Messenger on Friday.

Messenger Photo/Ngoc Vo
Troy Elementary first-graders participated in the ‘I can read’ activity with The Messenger on Friday.

By Ngoc Vo/The Messenger

For at least the past 10 years, first-graders at Troy Elementary School have enjoyed the annual treasure hunt of “I can read” illustrations in various spots in The Messenger.

“The paper does this every year on the Friday of the first full week of school in August,” said Debra Kelly, Troy Elementary first grade teacher.“They print out little (illustrations) saying ‘I can read’ on the paper for the students to find. It’s a chance for us to talk about different sections of the newspaper and the importance of the paper in the city of Troy.”

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According to Kelly, the class activities for the students is to find and cut out the illustrations, then glue them to one sheet of paper.

“The activity is helpful,” Kelly said. “It gives the kids a sense of accomplishment, making them feel like they can read easy words. They are excited about (searching for the illustration). It’s like a contest who can find them first and who can find them most.”

The students said the black and white illustrations are more challenging to find than the colored ones.

“I like cutting out the paper,” first-grader Emma Fiske said. “I learn to read the newspaper. It tells you new things that are going on. My daddy went and got a car (for sale on) the newspaper. We went and took a ride in it.”

Another Troy Elementary first grade teacher Lauren Bolger said the activity helps the students with their motor skills from cutting out the illustrations. It can help them identify words. Some of the students have to work with others, which improves their social skills.

“It’s something fun they can do,” Bolger said. “Some of the kids opened the paper to look at different pictures. That’s good exposure to events that are happening in the community. It’s a chance for students to read the newspaper because some families don’t have them”

“I love looking at football players,” said first-grader Jackson Burttram.

Once the students finish finding the “I can read” illustration, they can cut out the words that they can read, Kelly said. After the activity, the class bags the newspapers up and recycles them. Kelly encourages the students to do the same at their home.