City seeing benefits from litter ordinance

Published 9:06 pm Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The newly revised litter ordinance that the Troy City Council approved and put into action in June hasn’t quite been in effect for sixty days, but officials say they are already seeing benefits from the new regulations.

The Troy city council approved the revisions to the ordinance at their June 24th meeting. The new ordinance strengthened the existing one and made it more applicable to trouble spots, council President John Withering said in June. The ordinance includes provision for timetables on cleanup, penalties assessed for violators and give specific time periods for cleanup.

The definition of litter was expanded to include more types of waste. Junk garbage, refuse and rubbish also have expanded definitions.

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Building Official Chuck Ingram said that the updated regulations on time frames in the ordinance have been a big help in enforcement.

Ingram said here have been twelve complaints since the ordinance went into effect and eleven of the twelve addressees are working hard to get the litter cleaned up. One citation has been issued.

“It’s put an honest to goodness time frame on what has to happen,” Ingram said. “In the past we didn’t have the potential to enforce a time frame. Now we can enforce with the public a time frame in print.”

The city’s efforts to inform the public about the new ordinance, including new literature such as brochures, have made a positive impact as well.

“What’s helping is the literature provides the time frame and consequences,” Ingram said. “We, the city of Troy, have done a better job of educating the public of the consequences, which validates the litter ordinance, and we get it done.”

Traffic control officer Hunter Hanson encouraged Troy residents to utilize the special cleanup provided to each district. Contact your council member to find out which months your district is participating.

“During special cleanup, they will even pick up a junk car and haul it off,” Hanson said.

To report a litter violation, individuals can call the 311 line that the city provides. Violations can be reported anonymously. If callers provide a name and address, reports will be followed up on with an email or call.

Ingram asked for the public’s help in litter enforcement.

“If you let us know, we will validate the problem, we will approach the problem, and do everything we can both with the addressee and with other departments in the city, to help remedy the problem,” Ingram said.