Zion Chapel in search of brighter days ahead

Published 7:55 pm Tuesday, August 5, 2014

JACK — When Bradley Bowers was a young student assistant at Elba, he often thought about what his first year as a head coach would be like. Rest assured, a winless campaign wasn’t what he pictured.

Bowers took over Zion Chapel in 2013, and the Rebels limped to an 0-10 record and rarely were in a competitive game past half time.

His first season was hard, but Bowers admits he learned quite a bit from the winless year.

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“I told my wife that last year was probably the best thing that could have happened to me,” Bowers said. “I have had to change some things that I have used in the past. Last year allowed me to become a better coach and better person.”

During his first year at the helm, Bowers feels he was a little too lenient on his players and let certain things slide by. Now with a full year under his belt, and a “solid” spring and summer, Bowers said there will be no more excuses.

“We are letting them use that ‘young,’ word anymore,” said Bowers. “We learned together last year, and now it is time for us to put that to use. The coaches are being a little harder on them, and we demand perfection in everything we do. One-out-of-three won’t cut it anymore.”

Zion Chapel will once again compete in the ultra-competitive 2A Region 3. The Rebels will take on perennial state title contenders Luverne and Elba, as well as the uber-athletic New Brockton, Highland Home, Goshen and Central-Hayneville.

Zion opens the season against Providence Christian.