Funding efforts ‘rock on’

Published 8:52 pm Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On July 13, 20014, the people of Pike County showed their support of the efforts to restore the Rock Building by a strong showing at the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the dedication of the Pike Activities Building, commonly known as the Rock Building.

David Helms, who is leading the grassroots preservation efforts, said the people of Pike County hit a homerun with the anniversary celebration.

“The Pike County Commission owns the Rock Building and, the first thing the Commissioners wanted to know was how much interest there is in saving the Rock Building,” Helms said. “I think now they know that there is tremendous interest and not just from people who live in Pike County. We’ve had people from all around Alabama and from other states to mail in donations and written messages. The interest is there.”

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Helms said the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the dedication of the Rock Building accomplished two purposes.

“It showed the interest in and the support of the project and also brought awareness to the condition of the building,” he said. “This is probably our last chance to save the Rock Building. If we don’t do it now, this historic building will be condemned and torn down. We can’t let that happen.’

Helms expressed appreciation to all of those who attended the anniversary celebration and to those who have donated funds to save the Rock Building.

“To date, we’ve had 530 people who have donated a total of $11,550. It’s incredible that we’ve been able to generate that amount of interest and that amount of money in such a short time,” Helms said.

The steering committee is continuing to meet to discuss possible state and federal grant funding and also funding through the private sector.

“Of course, this is a grassroots effort and we’ll have local fundraisers that will not only raise dollars but bring our community together in spirit and purpose,” Helms said.

But the first order of business for the community is to find a use for the Rock Building.

“Before we can apply for grants and make plans, we have to determine a use for the building,” Helms said. “People from all around the county are encouraged to submit their suggestions to any of the donation stations around the county. Ideas are being tossed around and every suggestion will be considered. We want to find the best use for the building and one that will serve the entire county.”

Helms said donations are being accepted in any amount.

“We appreciate every dime and every dollar because they all represent support in saving the Rock Building,” he said.

Donation stations are all Troy Bank & Trust locations, Troy’s Main Branch, Brundidge and Goshen and Douglas Bros., Home Gallery, WTBF, the Pike County Chamber of Commerce in Troy, Banks Buy Rite in Banks and Mobley Business Service in Brundidge.