LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Garbage collection service expected

Published 7:27 pm Friday, July 11, 2014

This letter is in response to the article on Tuesday, July 8 about the solid waste collection system being “broken”.

Since the trash pick-up became mandatory, I have complied and have not missed a payment.

But I have had problems such as my trash pick up days, how the can is abused and with the drivers on the truck for the last two years. I have had my can dumped into the truck with the driver telling me to call the 800 number and after doing so it took a month to get another can.

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I have also chased the truck to the next stop, asking why they didn’t stop at my residence since my can was sitting in plain view. I was told they would turn around at the end of the road but they didn’t so my trash wasn’t emptied for another week.

Just two weeks ago my can fell off the back of the trash truck and part of my trash fell onto the highway in front of four waiting vehicles. The worker on the truck didn’t offer to get it up so that was my responsibility to get trash out of the road, therefore the trash went into my can for another week.

Maybe the commissioners, Mr. Jones, and Mrs. O’Brien should follow these trucks unobserved and see a lot more incidences than just what is being complained about. All Pike County residents should have to pay this “mandatory” duty and responsibility, even the county employees.

The residents with delinquent accounts may be the majority of complaints, but this is not my case, I pay my bill and expect my service when my payment is rendered.

Charles and Dianne Brown

Banks, Alabama