Troy National rallies from five runs down to knock off Troy American

Published 10:52 pm Wednesday, June 25, 2014

By Brian Anderson

JACK, Ala. — Shouting and cheering was all that could be heard in a nail biting finish between the Troy Farm League Americans and Nationals. The intense game was decided in the final inning with the Nationals ending on top 7-6.

“I am glad to have the win, but we did not hit the ball the way our team has hit the ball,” Nationals head coach David Bradford said. He said his team has scored in the teens the last two games and tonight the score was a combined 13 and his team is much more capable of hitting better.

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Bradford was proud of his defense but said his bats need to come alive if they are to win their next game.

“Jackson Booth started us off with a big hit and Blake Lowery and other timely hits to get us back in the game,” he said. The Nationals trailed 6-1 the majority of the game until a 45-minute lightening delay in the fourth inning.

After the delay the Nationals came out swinging. Lowery ignited the comeback with a line drive hit to left field that went through the Americans legs and scored three runs, including himself.

A few more runs were scored then Kade Brookins brought in the run to take the lead late in the fifth inning. Bradford wants his team to improve on base running and hitting before their game tomorrow.

“Our hitting and base running must improve because the Enterprise Nationals are going to run the bases and we have to run the bases with them,” he said. He wants his team to hit the ball solid without looking at it. He said his team has a bad habit of looking at the ball once it has been hit and not running.

While Bradford and the Nationals were celebrating after the game, the Americans, and head coach Chris Campbell were left thinking what might have been.

“Its heart breaking and I guarantee these boys have worked harder than any team out here,” Americans head coach Chris Campbell said. He said the coaching staff has worked the team hard in practice everyday and even practiced his team Tuesday night before the game.

The Americans dominated the first four innings of the game but the delay seemingly slowed his team’s momentum.

Campbell said it’s a disappointing loss as a coach seeing the disappointment on the kid’s faces. Campbell believes he has taught his team hard work and dedication. He also believes his all-stars feel good about the way they played and are only upset because they lost.

“Defense kept us in the game and on offense we struggled a bit tonight but we were there,” he said.

After the game Campbell met with his team and gave them encouraging words and ways to become an all-star again. He presented game balls to four players who he thought helped the team in numerous ways: KaNeil Lewis, Tyler McLendon, Cooper Campbell and Weston Braistead.

The Nationals will play Thursday against the Enterprise Nationals in Zion Chapel.