City considers biking, litter ordinances

Published 9:30 pm Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Troy City Council introduced two new ordinances at Tuesday’s meeting.

One ordinance will offer safety regulations for bicycling in Troy. The city recently approved several bike routes that will share street lanes with automobiles. The Board of Adjustments recommended including safety guidelines for those who use them.

The second ordinance addressed littering. The ordinance offered a set of littering rules and tiers of city responses when they are not followed.

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“We’re going to make Troy one of the most beautiful places in the United States. That’s our plan,” said Councilman Charles Dunn.

The Keep Troy Beautiful committee proposed the new litter ordinance.

Councilwoman DeJerilyn Henderson was thrilled that the ordinance addressed old cars and other junk left on property.

“When I see junk in the ordinance … I get really excited because now they really will go away,” she said. “I wish we could vote on this tonight.”

The work on George Wallace Drive will be completed by Sunday. Plans originally called for at least two of the four lanes to open Wednesday. Mayor Jason Reeves said those plans were squashed by rainy weather.

“We felt like keeping everything closed for three days will be beneficial,” he said. “When everybody goes to church on Sunday, it’ll be open.”

Because the Troy Fire Department has a new rescue vehicle, the council agreed to give the one it will replace to the Town of Banks. Chief Thomas Outlaw said he discussed the matter with all of the volunteer fire departments. “They all feel that Banks is the best one to have it because they’ve got the equipment and trained people to be on it.”

The council passed a resolution declaring the truck as surplus in order to give it away.

The City of Troy will have two fireworks displays in July. Council members passed a resolution awarding a fireworks display bid to the only company that responded. The Fourth of July fireworks will cost $16,000. A second display during the July 18 baseball tournament will cost an additional $5,500.

A resolution passed at the last meeting was rescinded Tuesday evening. The winning bid for new police car accessories excluded two items. City attorneys recommended bidding the full list of items again.

Reeves shared information regarding a lump sum bonus that will be awarded to retired city employees in October. The bonus will cost the City $66,466, which will be a part of the 2015 budget.

Troy City Council’s next scheduled meeting will be Tuesday, July 24, at 5 p.m.