Two poll locations change

Published 11:44 pm Friday, May 30, 2014

A few Pike County voters will report to a new precinct Tuesday. The June 3 primary election will be the Tennille community’s first time to vote in Tennille United Methodist Church.
Probate Judge Wes Allen said finding the new voting precinct should be no trouble at all.
“It’s across the street from the old one, Tennille Trawick Sign Company,” he said.
Pike County voters will have one other change in the upcoming election. All voters in the Saco community will report to the Saco Voting Center or the Saco Volunteer Fire Department.
Despite having the Saco center nearby, many voters were sent miles from home to vote in previous elections.
“Some had to go to China Grove,” Allen said.
Adjusting the Saco precinct was not an easy feat. Precincts had to be redrawn and legislators had to pass the proposed changes.
The rest of Pike County voters will report to the same precinct they did in 2012. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Registrar’s office will also be open from 7 to 7.
Allen reminded voters to bring valid photo identification. Previous elections allowed voters to use utility bills, hunting or fishing licenses to verify residency. This time, photograph IDs are mandatory.
Allen supports the change. “We’re here to protect the integrity of the elections as election officials,” he said.
According to Allen, most voters will not be affected by the change. A “huge majority” of voters were already using valid driver’s licenses to vote.
The change in the law did not require any increases in poll volunteers. About 165 Pike County residents have volunteered to help the voting process run smoothly. Allen said values every one of them.
“They do a great job and they’re an invaluable asset,” he said.
For any questions concerning precincts, voting in the primary election or volunteering in future elections, contact Allen’s office at 566-1246.
Polling places on Tuesday will include:
•Precinct 1: Academy Street School
• Precinct 2: Meeksville – Volunteer Fire Department
• Precinct 3: China Grove – County Building
• Precinct 4: Hamilton Cross Roads
• Precinct 5: Dunn’s Voting Center #1
• Precinct 6: Troy Adams Armory
• Precinct 7: Saco – Volunteer Fire Department
• Precinct 8: Ebenezer Voting Center #1
• Precinct 9: Josie County Building
• Precinct 10: Enon County Building
• Precinct 11: Sweet Pilgrim Church
• Precinct 12: Banks Voting Center #1
• Precinct 13: Troy Recreation Department
• Precinct 14: Brundidge – Haisten Building
• Precinct 15: Tennille United Methodist Church
• Precinct 16: Tarentum Community Clubhouse
• Precinct 17: Springhill Fire Department
• Precinct 18: Little Oak County Building
• Precinct 19: Galloway Road Community Center
• Precinct 20: Spring Hill Housing Authority
• Precinct 21: Pike County Courthouse
• Precinct 22: First Baptist Church
• Precinct 23: Henderson Voting Center #1
• Precinct 24: Goshen Town Hall
• Precinct 25: Rural Home – County Building
• Precinct 26: Antioch Church of Christ
• Precinct 27: Oak Bowery Church
• Precinct 28: Dunn’s Voting Center #2
•Precinct 30: Banks Voting Center#2
• Precinct 31:Golden/Satellite Building
• Precinct 32: Ebenezer Voting Center #2
• Precinct 33: Henderson Voting Center #2
• Precinct 34: Saco Voting Center #2

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