Sex offenders charged

Published 11:35 pm Monday, May 12, 2014

Seven local sex offenders are back behind bars after being caught in violation of adult sex offender registration laws.
Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas said the sting was the result of joint efforts between his office, Troy Police Department, the Alabama Bureau of Investigations and U.S. Marshals Service.
“The team verified that the registered sex offenders were living in compliance,” said Thomas. “We checked all 89 sex offenders’ residences and got seven warrants issued.”
Sheriff’s Office Investigator Troy Johnson, who took part in the roundup, said more arrests may be made as investigations continue.
“We started tracking back and asking questions, basically beating bushes to find them,” he said.
Johnson said the violations fell under three categories. Sex offenders were either living with a minor, living where they were not supposed to or not complying with registering.
Samuel Parks, 76, and William Sheffield, 46, were charged with living with a minor child, according to Pike County Sheriff’s Deputy Troy Johnson. Each was originally convicted of sex crimes against a child under 12 years old.
Jimmy Wilkerson, 64, was charged with being noncompliant with registration. Arthur Wilson, 29, faces that charge and one for moving without permission.
“When they decide to move, they have to let us know,” said Johnson. “And if they move without letting us know, they’ve got three days to contact us.”
Curtis Starks, 39, was not living at his registered address. Kenny Wilson, 39, was noncompliant and not living where he was supposed to be.
The team found one sex offender who had not registered in several years and moved without permission. A warrant has been issued for Vincent Thomas, 45, but he is not yet in custody.
“Daniel Thompson has been charged, but he’s kind of a unique situation,” said Johnson.
Thompson, 52, was convicted in Florida. He registered in Alabama when he moved here in 2006. He claims he was told he did not have to come back again. Thompson has not returned, but he did obtain sex offender identification.
Johnson said the sheriff’s office plans to continue doing sex offender checks at least once a year.

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