Kudos to city council for seeking public input

Published 8:26 pm Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The city of Troy on Tuesday tabled consideration of an ordinance to address a much-needed leash law.
The city leaders had discussed the law at a recent meeting, addressing concerns over control of potentially dangerous dogs and curtailing nuisance barking problems. Council members also had discussed suggestions to limit the number of dogs per household, in an effort to curtain backyard breeding situations.
The ordinance drew quite a bit of public response, from ardent supporters to folks who opposed restrictions on the number of dogs per household.
Council members have wisely sought more input from the public, working to alleviate concerns.
As Mayor Jason Reeves said Tuesday, “We do have a need for a leash law. But there are other parts that are arbitrary. We certainly don’t want to punish caring dog owners.”
We believe city council members are working with the residents’ best interests at heart and are seeking to address needed issues.
Moreover, we believe seeking additional public input and feedback will result in a more effective, more widely supported ordinance.
Councilman Marcus Paramore put it best when he asked residents to continue to share their thoughts on the ordinance: “Just because it’s been tabled doesn’t mean stop voicing your opinion. Let us know what you feel, what you think,” he said.
City officials are asking for public feedback and opinions, and citizens who feel strongly on this issue should take advantage of that by sharing their thoughts with the council members or the mayor.
It’s democracy in action, and it’s a way to build a better community for all of us.

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