New ‘doctor’ is in at TCS; Hicks honored (PHOTOS)

Published 10:29 pm Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hicks visits with Aaron Brown, principal at Charles Henderson Middle School. MESSENGER PHOTO | MONA MOORE

Hicks visits with Aaron Brown, principal at Charles Henderson Middle School.

Lee Hicks, superintendent of Troy City Schools, just earned his turn at Xbox. It was one of the first things he promised his son after recently completing his PHd in Educational Leadership and Higher Education from the University of Nebraska Lincoln.
“He’ll finally have his weekends back,” said his wife, Shay.
Hicks has been plugging away at his advanced degree since his children, Barton and Mary, were tots, writing papers on weekends, carrying his book bag to work and fitting in a course whenever he could.
Hicks’ family and employees surprised him Thursday with a party to celebrate his accomplishment. After the initial surprise of a room full of people clapping for him, Hicks circled the room, greeting and shaking the hands of each one.
He thanked the school board, staff, his family and friends for supporting him on what he called a “long journey.”
“They’ve been motivators during certain times when I asked myself ‘was it worth it.’ It was,” Hicks said.
Students and faculty from Troy City Schools congratulated Hicks in a video message that played “Happy” by Pharrell Williams as famous quotes about education flashed by.
Those in attendance had words of praise, too. His mother, Jo Hicks teared up as she told her son how proud she was of him.
Christie Armstrong, Hicks’ administrative assistant praised his character.
“I’m blessed for just knowing you,” she said.
Troy Elementary School Principal Teresa Sims thanked Hicks for always putting the children first.
Athletic Director Jamey Dubose said Hicks gave him his first opportunity to be head coach and the superintendent was the only man in the state who could get him to drop everything and move to Troy.
“You mean more to me than anyone,” said Dubose. “I’ve got five guys in the world I would consider my brother and he’s one of them.”
Hicks said he had the best job there is.
“It’s all about getting the right people around you,” he said.
“I’m just fortunate to sit at the desk that I’m at.”

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