Proposed leash law may meet with resistance

Published 7:13 pm Friday, April 18, 2014

Three’s company, but four’s a crowd?
That’s what the Troy City Council seems to be saying as members consider a new ordinance that would restrict the number of dogs any homeowner can have at one time.
The proposal would limit each residence to no more than three dogs. It also addresses the problem of dogs that bark “continuously” and dogs labeled as “vicious,” which must be kept on the owner’s property and allowed off only under the control of someone over the age of 16. And, of course, it would require all dogs to be on a leash if not restrained in the owner’s property.
But the issue that seems to have raised the most concerns is the limit on the number of dogs a resident may own. The proposed ordinance, which does allow for licensed kennels, would restrict any individial who may foster rescue animals or who may have more than three dogs on the property, regardless of the size of the property. While we agree that backyard breeders can be a nuisance for neighbors and a danger to dogs, we don’t agree with the city limiting the number of pets a taxpayer can own.
City council members plan to discuss the proposed ordinance at their next meeting on April 22. If you hae an opinion or concern, or if you support the plan, we urge you to speak up and let council members know.

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