DHR board member retires after 30 years

Published 9:47 pm Thursday, April 17, 2014

After 30 years as a member of the board of directors of the Pike County Department of Human Resources, Mike Thomas is stepping aside.
A luncheon was held in his honor Thursday at Sisters Restaurant and a large gathering of DHR employees and friends came to express appreciation to Thomas for a job well done.
“Mike severed on our board when times were good and when times were not so good,” said Florence Mitchell, Pike County DHR director. “Mike has an encouraging heart, and we are so thankful for his long and dedicated service to people in need.”
Mitchell said if she had to sum up Thomas’ service in a couple of words, they would be “just” and “fair.”
“Mike has represented all the people, the young, the old, everyone,” Mitchell said. “He has a special love for the public and is genuinely concerned about the welfare of people in need. He has always been there ready to help people. And he has been accessible. When we needed him, he was there.”
Mitchell said Thomas was not only there for the DHR clients, he was also available to the employees.
“His caring and concern were just as strong for our staff, she said. “He was always been willing to listen and always encouraging. Mike Thomas will be missed.”
Charlie Frank Caffey, board chair, said Thomas has been a highly contributing member of the board of directors, both as a member and as board chair.
“Times have not always been good but Mike has always served the people with dedication and commitment,” Caffey said. “He has been open to the needs of the people and worked tirelessly to meet those needs. He has been an outstanding member of the board of directors.”
Thomas expressed appreciation for the kind words spoken and to all of those who attended his “going away party.”
Thomas said Titus Walters got him “into this.”
“Titus said I would want to be a member of the DHR board of directors because it pays so good,” Thomas said laughing because the “job” is payless but not thankless. “He really pumped me up and it wasn’t too hard to do because I like to do for others. I like to be of service. I’ve always wanted to be an asset, not a problem. I was eager to serve.”
Thomas said that, over the 30 years, there have been a lot of changes at DHR and there have been some really tough times and some difficult decisions to make.
“I just praise God that He has held me up so I could hold out,” he said. “I thank all of those that I’ve worked with because they have all been a blessing to me. But the real blessings came to all of us from those we served. And, I just thank the Lord that I’ve had this opportunity to serve.”

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