Troy Council tables draft beer until next meeting

Published 9:12 pm Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Troy City Council did not take action on draft beer service Tuesday night.
“With me being out with my father, I didn’t get it on today’s agenda in time,” said Councilman Marcus Paramore, who buried his father last Friday. “I would like for us to consider perhaps bringing it up at the next meeting and possibly suspending the rules and voting on it.”
The Council had no objections to the request.
City Clerk Alton Starling asked how he should proceed with licensing once the ordinance is passed.
“From an administrative standpoint, if Ruby Tuesday already has a beer and wine license, I’m not going to be issuing new licenses for them,” he said.
Paramore asked if the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board required it and Starling said he did not think so.
Mayor Jason Reeves introduced a new dog ordinance for its first reading with the City Council. He said it was an issue Councilman Charlie Dunn was passionate about and had requested for several years. Dunn, who is scheduled for back surgery today, was not in attendance.
“We’ve been working on it a long time,” Reeves said. “I felt like there was a great need to enforce a true leash law.”
The Council will hear from Troy’s Animal Control Unit at the next meeting.
In other business, the Council:
Approved a resolution that gives Reeves authorization to sign with Sanders Security to monitor Troy’s security system;
Awarded a bid for IT Cable and phone services to the sole bidder;
Formalized the renaming of Collegedale Street to Dr. John M. Long Avenue;
Accepted a bid for telecommunication and support at the rate of $972.99 a month;
Awarded a bid in the amount of $30,472 for a new PATS vehicle to Ken Cox Ford. The losing bid was for more than $34,000;
Replaced the fire marshal’s truck. His previous one was totaled in a wreck. The winning bid was $41,000; and
Approved the Rec Center’s request to replace 8-year-old membership software.
Approved the submission of the city’s annual report to the Municipal Water Pollution Prevention program.

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