Pike County teacher honored for supporting students

Published 9:11 am Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Imagine Tammy Goss’ surprise when the announcement came over the intercom that she had been named WSFA-TV’s Class Act Teacher of the Month for April.
And, imagine her even greater surprise when Pike County High School Principal Willie Wright and PTO representatives presented a bouquet of flowers to her as the television camera rolled.
Goss has been teaching science in the Pike County School System for 16 years, 12 years at Banks School and now four at PCHS.
“I loved Banks and it was home to me so I was a little nervous leaving a place where I was so comfortable,” Goss said. “But Pike County High is now my home and the students are my family. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”
Goss is a graduate of Troy University and a native of Russellville. She did an internship at Goshen and was excited when the Pike County School System hired her.
“I’ve always liked to figure things out and, too, my mother is a teacher,” Goss said. “So, I guess it was natural for me to teach and to teach science.”
Goss could have been honored as the Class Act Teacher of the Month for her knowledge and mastery of her subject matter and for her ability to relate it to her students, and, perhaps, she was. But, she was also recognized Goss for her support of the students in their extracurricular activities.
“I believe that teaching is a calling and I know that I was called to teach,” Goss said. “If we, as teachers, are not here for the right reasons, then we are not doing the kids any good. I want to do the kids some good in the classroom and support them outside the classroom.”
Goss’ interest in her students, in all students, extends beyond the borders of the school building.
“I want my students to know that I’m interested in them after class is finished,” she said. “My mother always supported her students in that way and it’s important for me to do that, too.”
A lot of parents work and are unable to attend their children’s after school activities and events. Goss is there supporting these students.
“I go to all of the football games and most of the basketball games,” she said. “It’s harder to make many baseball and softball games because they are played at the same time and at different places. I was in the band in high school and I enjoy the band and choral events. I just enjoy being there in support of our students. That’s a whole other job for me but I love it. The students are my family.”

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