Commission approves new websites

Published 9:47 pm Monday, March 24, 2014

Pike County Commissioners approved disclaimers for two new websites the Sheriff’s Office will soon build. One website will give the public access to the county’s most wanted, the other to registered local sex offenders.

Before going live, County Attorney Allen Jones presented two disclaimers for the commission’s approval at Monday evening’s commission meeting.

“The company that is setting it up has to have that before they push the button,” Jones said.

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The approved disclaimers release the county from any liability for errors.

In other business, county employees may soon switch to direct deposits for payroll. County Administrator Harry Sanders said has researched the issue by narrowing down the proposed bank to Troy Bank and Trust, checking into the costs and surveying employees to see if they would support the decision.

“It’s about two-thirds in favor,” he reported to the commission.

Commissioner Joey Jackson asked if the county would save money.

Sanders said it would not be a significant savings, but it would be cheaper.

“I don’t want to oversell it. But it would help pay for itself (and) pennies make dollars,” Sanders said.

Sanders planned to present the new direct deposit policy by the next commission meeting. If the county adopts the policy, he recommended having direct deposit be mandatory.

Commissioner Robin Sullivan asked why it couldn’t be optional.

“In allowing an option, you increase the complexity of the situation,” Sanders said. “There are some folks who would change every pay period. It would be an administrative nightmare.”

Human Resource Coordinator McKenzie Wilson said employees would have access to pay stubs via email. The accounting software has an option for emailing the payroll information to employees. Department heads could then give employees access to office computers in order to print the payroll information. She said it would save the county paper. She said the pay periods would have to change so that deposits could be made routinely on Fridays.

Sanders said the direct deposits were a safer option than paper checks and provided no security issues.

During Monday’s meeting, commissioners also:

Approved cutting off a pay period one day early so that employees’ paydays would not be adversely affected by Confederate Memorial Day;

Approved a request from the Revenue Commission Office to advertise a position available after the resignation of a customer service employee;

Gave their support of David and Sherry Helms’ efforts to restore the Rock Building;

Approved the Hill Mart’s transfer of a retail beer and table wine license to its new owner; and

Went into executive session to discuss a good character issue involving an employee.

The next scheduled meeting will be April 14 at 6 p.m., with a work session at 5:15 p.m.