Local cheer team competes at nationals

Published 8:31 pm Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Xtreme Athletics Cheer Teams competed in the Universal Cheerleading Association’s International All-Star Championships at Disney World in Orlando over the weekend.

Josh Filiault, who co-owns Xtreme Athletics with Jody Singleton, said he was “extremely” pleased with the performances of all four of the Xtreme Athletics Cheer Teams.

“This was an international competition and more than 600 teams competed, “Filiault said. “Teams from China, Japan, Canada, Costa Rico, Ecuador and other countries competed. So this competition was a big deal. We had 49 girls and one boy, ages 5 through 18, that competed on our teams, and every one of them performed really well.”

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The competitions consisted of jumps, stunts, tumbling and dance.

Filiault said each team used different music that was selected to showcase the personalities and abilities of the team members.

The Xteme Athletics teams that competed were Apollo, a youth level one team; Aries, youth level two; Hera, junior level two; and Adena, senior level three.

The Apollo team finished in fourth place in the international all-star competition. Aries finished second; Hera finished seventh and Adena came in fourth.

“You might think that fourth- and seventh-place finishes aren’t all that good but in this competition, that was incredible, especially when you consider that this was our first time competing in an international all-star event,” Filiaulat said. “To score as high as we did was really fantastic. Not many teams can say they did what we did.”

Filiault said some slight mistakes were made on day one but the teams came back with good routines on day two and moved up in the rankings.

“We have a very talented group and this was as great experience for them,” he said. “Our Apollo team competed against Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Costa Rico so they really got a taste of international competition. We were happy with the way all of the teams performed. They went down there to show what they could do and they did it. We were proud of all of them.”

The teams had to qualify for UCA International All-Star Championships.

“Our teams qualified at our first competition and some of the teams at the IASC had to go to other competitions to qualify,” Filiault said. “So from the beginning of the competition season, we have been very proud of the efforts of our teams.”

The IASC competition was the last competition of the season for the Xtreme Athletics Cheer Teams. The team members will take a short breather and then prepare for team tryouts for the next cheer season that runs November through April.