Let’s keep shoppers here in Troy

Published 8:13 pm Thursday, February 27, 2014

I believe Troy, Alabama is a wonderful town to live in. It’s full of wonderful food options, from a delicious hibachi restaurant to popular fast food choices. Troy is full of small town charm, like the locally owned boutiques and stores. The Square is a good place to find locally owned boutiques. Troy might be small but it has something for everyone! One of my favorite places in Troy is Xtreme Athletics. It’s a place for competitive cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics! They run an awesome program there, you always have fun, but at the same time you’re getting exercise! Troy is sounding perfect, but like every other town it does have flaws and imperfections. The small town does not have many shopping centers or a mall. Nor does Troy have many fun activities to do on the weekends, besides the movie theatre, which is great and all. But a roller rink or bowling alley would be fantastic! The roads are quite bumpy, so smoother roads would make everyone happier! I believe I would make a good Mayor because I enjoy listening to the public’s opinion, and what they would want. I enjoy making people happy, plus I’m hardworking and determined.


I personally think a mall would be an excellent investment. Think about the people of Troy are driving all the way to Dothan and Montgomery to go shopping. The tax money being spent there is going towards benefiting their town, not Troy. Yes, I know it would be an expensive thing to do, but you would have lots of income! Wouldn’t it be great seeing kids, teens, and even adults getting exciting about meeting up with friends at the local skating rink or bowling alley? Everyone would enjoy that! The bumpy roads are a bit of a hassle. They need to be more efficient. Troy is an older town, so you could imagine the roads aren’t like driving on a fluffy cloud, right? The potholes in the road can even make driving dangerous for anyone driving in Troy.

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If you’re hungry there’s always something in Troy to fill your cravings. Do you want a fantastic meal in a hibachi restaurant? They cook the food right in front of you! Or do you want a quick burger from your favorite fast food place? Because both options are right here in Troy! Like I said it’s a small town, but it’s extremely homey feeling! And I personally love that. If I’m ever visiting a big city, I miss Troy, a lot! All the local places to visit are great! Because more than likely you’ll know who owns it! There are also many options for young kids and teenagers to have fun with friends and get exercise. We have an excellent Recreation Department, and there’s also a great place for other sports, like cheer, gymnastics, and dance! Xtreme Athletics offers all of that! A shopping mall or a small shopping center would be fantastic! It would be great if we didn’t have to drive almost an hour just to go shopping! Wouldn’t it be a lot more efficient to just have a shopping mall here? I honestly think it would. I think it would be a great thing to build a local bowling alley or skating rink. Some place for teens to meet up afterschool, or ever just to hang out! And gosh wouldn’t be great if we had a mall, and a bowling alley? And smooth roads to drive on to get there? I think it would! We need to redo the roads, well at least the bumpy ones! So think about this, would you want a bowling alley, smoother roads, and a shopping mall for Troy, Alabama?

Madison Shelton

Charles Henderson Middle School

Editor’s note: This is Madison’s winning entry in the Mayor for a Day essay contest.