Let’s add bowling, laser tag

Published 8:59 pm Wednesday, February 26, 2014

“Mayor for a Day”, wow, that would be amazing! Troy is a wonderful place to live. I would like to be Mayor for a day because it would be an honor to meet all the great, hardworking council members who make this city so wonderful. I would like to see what it takes to make a city run. I would also like to be able to share my ideas of having more activities in Troy for all ages.

There are a few things I would like to see in the great city of Troy that would help benefit the city and all the people who live in and around Troy. Bowling is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends with friends and family. I believe we should have a bowling alley in Troy because it would give kids of all ages something to do. It is something for families to do, too. Also a bowling alley is a great activity for our senior citizens. There are several leagues just for senior citizens. Tournaments for all ages can be held at times during the day that are convenient for the age group. The bowling alley can also offer glow in the dark night which is always a lot of fun. There are several places in the city of Troy where a bowling alley could be built or an existing, vacant building on Hwy 231 could be used for a bowling alley. I think: Troy would make a lot of money on the bowling alley. It would open more jobs for the people of Troy and would help bring more people from other towns to Troy.

Another thing I would like to see in Troy is a paintball course so people wouldn’t have to drive out of town to go to one. It would help kids get outside and be active and exercise while having fun. Paintball courses would take open land to get started. They also have to have barriers to hide behind like hay bales. Many people own their own paintball guns and paintballs so special discounts could be offered to people with their own equipment. It would not cost much to set up a course or to find someone interested in starting this business. Paintball has become a sport adults and kids enjoy. A paintball course would open more opportunities for parents to have birthday parties for their children. Paintball is also a favorite sport for students who attend the University.

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The last thing I would like to see in Troy is a laser tag center. Laser tag is a fun activity for all ages as well. It is something great to do on a rainy day when people cannot go outside. Laser tag is also a great idea for birthday parties and tournaments. A laser tag center would have to be housed inside a building. The building could start small and eventually grow to a larger business when needed. There would be a lot of equipment to purchase to start a business like this, but I think: it would be a very popular place for families. There is not a laser tag center close by so this type of business would attract people from outside of Troy which would bring more money to Troy.

In conclusion, I think: my ideas would help to get people of all ages out of the house. People would be more active and would get exercise while having fun. It would also give families more things to do together. People from surrounding areas would visit and see what a great place Troy is. With the city of Troy hosting many sports tournaments, these businesses would be very attractive places to go after a long day of playing hard. It would provide a chance to relax and have fun. All three businesses would benefit the city of Troy by bringing in more revenue and offering more job opportunities.


Cody Hollis

Pike Liberal Arts School

Editor’s note: This is Cody’s winning entry in the Mayor for a Day essay contest.