Junior Women’s League donates books to honor babies

Published 9:14 pm Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Troy Junior Women’s League honored the babies born to League members during the calendar year 2013 Wednesday by donating books in their names to the Troy Public Library.

Ellen Anne Pugh, the daughter of Dax and Holly Pugh; Ella Nicole Blair, the daughter of Jonathan and Megan Blair; Christopher Stewart Thomas II, the son of Stewart and Katie Thomas; and Austin Grant Wise, the son of Blake and Amanda Wise were presented books that where selected especially for each of them.

Children’s librarian Teresa Colvin said the Troy Junior Women’s League has been donating books in honor of babies born to members for 20 years or more.

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“Each of these Books for Babies is carefully selected based on the interests of the babies,” Colvin said. “We talked with the parents and chose books that they, and we, thought would be of interest to their babies as they begin to really enjoy books.”

Colvin said that “I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love” by Nancy Tillman was selected for Ellen Anne because her grandmother and great-grandparents have a Brundidge connection to the author.

“Nancy Tillman is the daughter of Susie Hastey of Brundidge and she has other family members in Brundidge and Pike County,” Colvin said. “Ella Nicole likes to spend time outside and really enjoys playing with her dog, Annie. So, we chose ‘Taking a Bath with a Dog’ by Scott Menchin. We hope, though, it doesn’t inspire her to take a bath with Annie.”

Christopher likes animals and also likes being outside.

“And, he laughs a lot and even giggles,” Colvin said. “The book we selected for him is “You Were the First” by Patricia MacLachlan because it’s about a little boy who discovers so many wonderful things in his world in such a delightful way. We think Christopher will be that little boy.”

“Off We Go!” by Will Hillenbrand is the book that the library staff chose for Austin Grant Wise.

“Austin will soon be a year old and he already loves books and for his parents to read to him,” Colvin said. “If he continues to enjoy books so much, he will be off and going into a world of fun and adventure.”

Books open the world to all children and that’s the reason the Troy Junior Women’s League and the Troy Public Library are strong supporters of literacy among young children.

“A child is never too young to be read to,” Colvin said. “The earlier children are exposed to books and to reading, the more likely they are to be readers. And reading is an open door to the world and all that it has to offer.”

A bookplate will be placed inside each of the books donated in honor of Ellen Anne Pugh, Ella Nicole Blair, Christopher Steward Thomas II, and Austin Grant Wise.

“When these babies get old enough the come to the library and pick out books for themselves, they will see a book with their name inside,” Colvin said. “That will make them feel very special. And, they are very special.”