Club license denied

Published 10:41 pm Monday, February 24, 2014

Pike County Commissioners voted unanimously to deny the BBQ House’s application for a club liquor license.

“The bottom line is no,” said Commissioner Joey Jackson shortly before the vote on Monday. “The commission is not going to support Sunday alcohol sales or beer.”

Barbara McQuagge, the BBQ House owner, had applied in December 2013 for a license that would allow sales of alcohol on Sunday. Commissioners had tabled the action until Monday’s meeting.

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McQuagge, who was present on Monday, smiled and shook the hands of commissioners after the meeting. “That’s the way it goes. They make the rules,” she said.

McQuagge plans to apply for a club license again.

“That’s all I can do,” she said. “I feel like if the country club has a Sunday license for the rich folks I ought to have one for the working folks. Fair is fair.”

Under existing laws, only businesses with a club liquor license can sell alcohol on Sunday. She said Sunday sales should be allowed countywide because they would increase revenue and help the county more than hurt it.

Road conditions were also discussed at the meeting. Commissioner Ray Goodson asked that Connell Road be repaved and Jackson lobbied for County Road 2276 to be repaired.

“It’s gotten dangerous and patching is not the answer,” Jackson said. “I’ve had about six incidents in my district so far. We’ve got to do something or somebody’s going to get killed.”

After a particularly bad incident Monday, Jackson sent a crew out to patch up a pothole. The initial work cost more than $1,300, and additional work was required, he said.

Jackson also took issue with loggers.

“Back in January, we decided to table the logging ordinance. This winter, they’ve taken advantage of that,” he said.

Commissioners originally asked loggers to put up signs warning motorists of areas where they frequently entered roadways and to pay for gravel when roads were damaged. Jackson said few loggers had followed through.

If the noncompliance continued, Jackson said he would add the ordinance to the agenda.

In their closing comments, several commissioners asked that people remember the family of the late Thomas Haigh in their prayers.