Commissioners propose countywide draft beer service

Published 11:56 pm Thursday, February 20, 2014

The City of Troy has gained countywide support in efforts to bring draft beer service to the area.
In a visit to Montgomery this week, Pike County commissioners asked legislators to allow draft beer service in not only Troy, but throughout the county.
Draft beer did not bring commissioners Homer Wright, Ray Goodson and Joey Jackson to Montgomery, but they took advantage of being in the right place at the right time.
Before the bill can pass through Alabama Legislature, it has to be advertised for four weeks. The Pike County draft beer legislation started advertising this week, the same week commissioners from 12 counties were in Montgomery for the Association of County Commissions of Alabama’s annual County Day.
County Administrator Harry Sanders said commissioners were briefed by the association on current legislation and met with local delegates.
“It’s a matter of being interested in the process,” he said. “But the real thing for the county is making sure we keep our relationships with legislators open and continue to be the voice of Pike County.”
Sanders said commissioners spoke with Brundidge and Goshen officials before attending County Day and asked if the municipalities would be interested in being included in the draft beer legislation.
“We talked with the people in Brundidge and Goshen and asked for the authority to act on it countywide. It doesn’t take any authority away from them. It allows them to make the decision for their community,” Sanders said.
“Their representatives indicated that they were supportive of having that option.”
If approved, local governments would have the option of drafting a referendum for their municipalities to vote on or passing a resolution to permit draft service.
The county proposed the same provisions under consideration in Troy.
The bill would be for on-premise draft beer sales and would not include Sunday sales.
“Our biggest hurdle now will be time, as much as anything,” Sanders said. “Getting close to the end of the session sometimes can be problematic.”

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