Progress on tap: Measures are good for Troy

Published 8:17 pm Friday, February 14, 2014

For folks who enjoy a cold beer every once in a while, or those who see the economic benefits of being able to enjoy that beer, our area took two big steps forward this week.

On Tuesday, the Troy City Council agreed to seek legislation allowing on-premises draft beer service at local restaurants and businesses. The move came at the request of business owners and more than 300 residents who signed a petition in support of the effort.

It’s an issue that has long been debated here in Troy, where bars and restaurants have been unable to serve draft beer despite having a license to sell bottled beer or liquor. It’s a move that just makes good sense, for many reasons. Draft beer allows businesses to offer more variety; to reduce expense; and to keep pace with bars and restaurants in surrounding areas. And, as our local business community and leaders work to establish a downtown district and build tourism in Troy, it’s a necessary step toward growth.

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On Friday, as the first pitch was tossed for the 2014 baseball season at Troy University, another first took place as beers were offered for sale in the stadium concessions.

Offering beer at athletic venues is nothing new, as many of the Sunbelt Conference schools do so. The added revenues would certainly be welcomed by the Athletics Department and the university. And, we suspect more than a few loyal Trojan fans (or visiting team fans) will appreciate the opportunity to responsibly enjoy a cold beer while they take in the game.

Approached responsibly, both of these measures will be a benefit to our community.