DART: Big Red saves the day (PHOTOS)

Published 11:00 pm Monday, January 27, 2014


This week’s dart landed on County Road 5515.

BANKS — Peewee McCraney and Michael Collins are a lot like superheroes.

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They sweep in when trouble arises, sometimes in (rain) capes. They have powerful tools that may not stop a locomotive, but they could probably lift one. And when they are in their tow trucks, they have been known to fly.

“Oh yeah, I’ve got my wings,” laughed Collins.

Monday was one of those days. McCraney and Collins were called to Banks School on State Road 5515 to rescue an 18-wheeler with a trailer that had slipped off the roadway.

Collins was first on the scene. He assessed the problem and called for backup.

Once McCraney arrived, he summed up the situation.

“That’s somebody not paying attention. All he had to do was go the other way,” McCraney said.

It was not the first rescue Peewee’s Wrecker Service had responded to at that location. McCraney could recall two off the top of his head.

He said the rescue would be easy. The men used the hook-and-chain method. It involved crawling under the tractor-trailer and attaching chains to the axle that held the suspended tires. They attached the chain to a cable on “Little Red,” the smaller of the two tow trucks that would be needed for the operation.

Additional chains were placed on the tires and connected to “Big Red,” the large tow truck McCraney brought.

Collins sat in Big Red as the cable pulled the tractor-trailer up. At one point, the front tires of the tow truck were suspended in air.

The driver of the distressed truck opted not to make a statement. But Ms. Robin Fortner’s first-grade class had plenty to say.

The class agreed that driving an 18-wheeler was no easy feat.

“When you’re driving one of those big trucks, you have to watch the road,” said Daisy Garrett.

“You’ve got to get driving lessons,” said Khalil Foster.

“And you have to hold the steering wheel,” added James Taylor.

Hudson Williams said the rainy weather made driving that much more difficult.

“Whenever it’s raining, you could slip,” he said.

Trinity Caffie agreed.

“It’s very hard because there might be mud,” she said.

Zack Glenn said truck driving was very difficult.

“I think it would be hard because whenever you have an 18-wheeler like that, it could slip off the road,” Glenn said. “You have to be careful.”