Pike BOE seeks community input in survey

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, January 9, 2014

As part of the development of its five-year strategic plan, the Pike County School District is launching an anonymous survey for Pike County Schools parents, employees and the general public in order to receive feedback from the communities that the school system serves.

The survey is electronic and will only take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The online survey will open on Jan. 10 and will close on Jan. 24.

Dr. Donnella Carter, administrative assistant to the Pike County Schools superintendent, said the survey is an important component in the creation of the system’s five-year plan. “We’re in the process of developing a five-year strategic plan,”Carter said. “As such, we want to be broad-based in our collection of data. The surveys are one prong of our approach. We will also be holding two community forums. The whole venture is led by a steering committee composed of parents, employees and our partners in the community.”

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The school system hopes that parents as well as community members complete the survey. “We have a parent survey as well as a public survey,” Carter said. “It’s basically an opinion poll about the school system’s progress, community involvement, the school’s programs and student achievement. There is a part at the end where people can leave their comments and suggestions for the school system. It’s an opportunity for community members to provide their opinions on some other things we can do or what they would like to see us do.”

Carter said it is important for members of the community to provide their input to the schools. “Obviously, we are interested in how our community perceives us,” Carter said. “We encourage everyone to participate in the surveys and the forums. We take these surveys very seriously. We want as much input as we can get. In fact, we’re anxious to get input from our stakeholders.”

Goshen principal, Dr. Warren Weeks, hopes the surveys provide the Goshen community with an easy way for residents to provide input to the school administration. “We’re hoping for an open line of communication that will allow us to gather feedback and enhance our school and learning environment,” Dr. Weeks said. “It’s always important to get feedback and input from the community. We are a community school. In the past, we received input through PTOs and other avenues. This is a another way for the community to voice its thoughts and ask questions in a way that facilitates honest and open dialogue and will allow us to work with the community members and listen to them.”

While an Internet connection is required to complete the survey, Dr. Weeks said concerned parents without a reliable Internet connection may come to the school to fill out the survey. “People without an Internet connection can come by the school and see me,” Weeks said. “We have a place where they can come in and take the survey. I will be more than happy to accommodate them.”

Weeks credits the Goshen community for providing support to the elementary and high school. “Goshen is a wonderful community,” Weeks said. “I appreciate all the support I get here on a daily basis. Whether it be the community volunteering or the eagerness from families to assist us in whatever we need, we always appreciate the support the community gives to us. They support not only our athletics but also our academics. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our community.”

The survey links can be found on the Pike County School District website at www.pikecountyschools.com. The surveys will be available from Jan. 10 to Jan. 24.