Champ the Elf has plenty of Auburn spirit

Published 11:00 pm Monday, December 23, 2013

Imagine their surprise when K.C. and Dawson Bradford went into the kitchen one morning and found, not one but two elves, sitting atop the fruit bowl listening to a choir of angels sing.

The boys’ mom, Melissa Bradford, said that much could be said about the morning “Champ” appeared at the Bradford home in Troy. After all, it was just after the 2013 Iron Bowl and Champ was dressed in orange and blue.

Could it be that Champ came to the Bradford home on Eagle’s wings?

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“Champ does have the Auburn spirit,” Bradford said, laughing. “We were all surprised when Champ joined K.C. and Dawson’s elf, Colley, that morning. Colley has been visiting our family since 2007. He just appeared that December and he’s been back every Christmas since.”

Orange and blue have significance around the Bradford home so Colley obviously didn’t feel threatened by Champ’s presence.

“They get along really well,” Bradford said. “They do everything together. Every morning, they appear in the same places, in the Christmas tree or in the boys’ stockings or in the audience while the angels sing.”

Colley and Champ are just about as good as elves can be.

“Sometimes, they get in the pantry while we’re asleep and leave crumbs or spill drinks,” Bradford said. “But, they don’t get into any real trouble.”

One reason might be the letter that Santa sent along with Colley this year.

“Santa’s letter said that he wanted K.C. and Dawson to remember the true meaning of Christmas,” Bradford said. “He reminded them that it is better to give than to receive. The first thing Santa asked the boys to do was to open the Bible to the story of Christmas. They were to leave the Bible open to that passage so that Colley could read the Christmas story every day while they were gone.”

Bradford said that Santa’s letter and Colley’s daily observance of the real reason for the season had been encouragement to K.C. and Dawson to think more of others this Christmas season.

“They have participated with our nursing home resident and we have adopted a family recommended by DHR,” Bradford said. “We’ve participated at school and church in giving to others. What Santa said in his letter was important and the boys have learned more about the real meaning of Christmas.”

Tonight, Colley will go back to the North Pole as he has done every Christmas Eve that he has visited K.C. and Dawson. And, hopefully, he’ll come back again next December.

“We’re not sure about Champ,” Bradford said. “He didn’t come with a book or any instructions. He just appeared. We don’t know if he will lose his magic if we touch him or if he’ll stay or leave and come back. We just don’t know.”

But the Bradfords wouldn’t be surprised if Champ stays round until after the New Year and then flies off to places unknown – places like, maybe, Pasadena, California.