Pixie Jingles is a right girly elf

Published 11:00 pm Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas is just around the corner, and kids everywhere are putting on their best behavior in hopes that Santa will come to them on Christmas Eve.

Santa sends elves all around the world to find out what boys and girls want for Christmas – and, to check on their behavior no matter where they are.

Santa dropped Pixie Jingles off at Family Ties in Troy because she is a girl elf and Family Ties is a “girly boutique.” Pixie Jingles wears blush and lipstick and pearl earrings. She’s a real girly-girl elf.

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Lauren Prawius at Family Ties said Santa dropped Pixie Jingles off at Family Ties with specific instructions to let him know what little girls want most of all this Christmas.

“When our Elf of the Shelf came to Family Ties, we had a contest to name her,” Prawius said. “We liked Pixie and Jingles but couldn’t decide which we liked better so we named her Pixie Jingles. She listens very carefully when little girls are in the shop. She is doing all she can to make the Christmas wishes of good little girls come true.”

At the shop, Pixie Jingles seats herself near items like braceletes, necklaces and bows that she thinks are especially girly. She likes things that are shiny and sparkle and she loves earrings that dangle. She likes scarves that keep her warm on her flights back to the North Pole.

Pixie Jingles would make a very good sales person, if she had the chance.

At night, when everyone has gone home and the lights are dimmed, Pixie Jingles goes all around the shop and puts “Sale” signs on the items that little girls want most of all. And, after she puts a lot of items on sale, she flies back to the North Pole to take Christmas wish lists to Santa.

Santa has assigned a lot of elves to stores and shops and they will be keeping, keen eyes open from now until Christmas to make sure children don’t go from nice to naughty right before Santa visits.

Pixie Jingles said now is the time for boys and girls to be on their best behavior at home and in the stores because Santa Claus is coming to town … and soon.