Habitat for Humanity seeks donations

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Troy-Pike Habitat for Humanity has a long Christmas wish list this year, and it is hoping that Pike County’s citizens can help it cross a few items off through donations.

John Dew, a board member for Troy-Pike Habitat for Humanity, said the organization needs a number of new tools before the group can begin building it’s next house. “What we mainly need are things that will help us with the actual construction of homes,” Dew said. “These are very hands on types of things. We’re looking to start a new house in the spring, and these would really put us on the right track.”

The organization welcomes any-and-all donations but is particularly looking for: A-frame ladders, Dremmel wood-working tools, electrical extension cords, hammers, nail sets, reciprocating saw blades, saw horses, T-squares, tape measures and a weed eater.

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There is also one big-ticket item the organization is especially hoping to receive over the holidays. “The really big item we’re hoping someone might be able to donates is a table saw,” Dew said. “That would allow us to cut lumber on site as we get ready to build the new house.”

Habitat for Humanity has a strong history of helping throughout Pike County. “Right now, we are trying to wrap up our twelfth house here in Troy,” Dew said. “We are currently in the process of finishing the internal painting. We hope to put down flooring and cabinets in January.”

Dew and the rest of the volunteers at the Troy-Pike Habitat are already looking forward to beginning construction on house 13. “What we’re doing right now is stocking up to build our next house through donations and fundraising,” Dew said. “We hope to get started and to prepare the lot for the next house as soon as we can. We really like to start the framing of the house in the fall when all the college students come in to town. We always get lots of college students to help. We have had great support from college organizations for many years. It has been a wonderful collaboration between college students and lots of volunteers in the community.”

As a faith-based organization, Habitat for Humanity hopes to spread the Christian message by helping the needy in the community. “We are a faith-based organization,” Dew said. “We have volunteers who help us out from many different churches in the area. It’s all about helping the people who need help and spreading the Christian message.”

Dew said Habitat for Humanity does not just give away houses. The families selected to receive the houses put in hundreds of hours of work on the project. “We select a partner family before we start building,” Dew said. “The family will put many hours of work in to the house as it is being built. We call that the family’s ‘sweat equity.’ They will then pay off the cost of constructing the home over a 20-year mortgage. Through the program, we are able to provide people with clean, affordable housing. Most families’ payment on the mortgage is less than what they would spend for rent on an apartment.”

If you would like to donate to Habitat for Humanity but lack construction tools, the organization also accepts cash and checks. “We’re always happy to receive a donation of cash,” Dew said. “Since we are a non-profit organization, donations can be tax-deductible. Everything that is donated goes directly to the building costs. No money goes to pay for staff.”

People interested in donating to the Troy-Pike Habitat for Humanity can call and leave a message 334-372-7578. Donations can also be sent to the Troy-Pike Habitat for Humanity, P.O. Box 411, Troy, AL 36081.