Frisbee the Elf, Gus Galloway share bond

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gus Galloway’s Elf on the Shelf, Frisbee, has been poking around at his school.

Gus is sure of that because Frisbee left him a note telling him to slow down when doing his school work and double check his work to make sure that it’s done right.

Frisbee is good for Gus because he wants him to do good work at school and get up on the right side of the bed in the mornings.

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“Frisbee has been in the bathroom several mornings, watching,” said Gus’s mom, Crystal Caldwell. “Gus is not a morning person and sometimes puts up a fuss to get ready for school. Frisbee must have told Santa Claus because Santa mentioned his fussing in a letter to Gus.”

Gus said that he is trying very hard to do slow down with his schoolwork and not be grumpy in the mornings.

“Frisbee flies back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa what I’ve been doing and what I want for Christmas,” Gus said. “I’ve got to be good.”

Gus wanted to make sure that Santa Claus knew that he was trying to be good and do good, so he went to see Santa when he was in town. He went to tell him, first hand, that he’s slowing down and double-checking his schoolwork and that he’s not quite so fussy in the mornings. Gus also planned to mention what he wants for Christmas.

“But he was a fake Santa Claus,” Gus said. “I could tell because he had on Nike shoes. The real Santa Claus wears boots.”

Gus was worried that the fake Santa wouldn’t tell the real Santa how hard he’s trying to be good and do good so he’s leaving it up to Frisbee to keep Santa informed.

One night, without thinking, Gus’ mom touched Frisbee and he lost his magic and couldn’t fly back to the North Pole that night.

But it was Forrest Caldwell to the rescue. He wrote Santa a note and explained that touching Frisbee was an accident and to please give him back his powers.

“After that, Forrest, Gus and I make sure that we don’t touch Frisbee,” Crystal Caldwell said.

Gus said that Frisbee is a smart elf. He likes to read the Kindle and his favorite thing to do is play Crazy 8’s with Gus’ Nutcracker friends. Gus likes to join the game and he plays for them all and guess who wins? “Frisbee!”

Frisbee likes to go fishing for Goldfish snack crackers and Gus can eat all the goldfish Frisbee can catch.

Frisbee always cleans up after himself. He doesn’t like things around him to be messy – or fussy. Gus remembers that when he wakes up every morning and puts on a happy face so Frisbee will tell Santa.

Gus will have a baby brother next Christmas and he’s not sure if Santa will send his brother an elf or if he’ll have to share Frisbee.

Gus is going to have to learn a lot about sharing when the baby brother arrives, his mom said. Gus said sharing is all right to do but he hopes that Santa will send another elf to his house so he can keep Frisbee to all to himself.