Joey the Elf shows up in the strangest of places

Published 11:00 pm Monday, December 16, 2013

From all reports, the elves that come from Santa’s North Pole workshop to report on the goodness or the naughtiness of little children can be a rather adventurous bunch.

Brady Singleton’s Elf on the Shelf, Joey, just might be one of the most adventuresome of them all.

Just the other day, Brady and his mom, Kristen, came home to find Joey zip-lining from the mantle in the living room.

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“One morning, Joey was hanging from the chandelier and another morning he was in a Nerf gun fight with Brady’s stuffed turtle,” Kristen Singleton said. “Another time, Joey was riding a helicopter on the ceiling fan. He is adventurous.”

Joey has been a Christmas guest of the Singleton family since 2011.

“One evening when we can home from school and work, an elf surprised us by appearing at the fireplace,” Singleton said. “He had brought a letter from Santa telling Brady that he was there to watch over him. The letter said that the elf would fly back to the North Pole each night to give Santa a report on how good he had been.”

As with all of Santa’s elves, one touch by Brady and the elf would lose his magic and not be able to fly.

Brady named the elf Joey and, from that time forward, Joey has been popping up all over the place.

Imagine how surprised Brady’s mom was when she opened the kitchen cabinets early one morning and found Joey sitting inside. He always seemed to be up to fun in the mornings.

“One morning he had spelled out ‘Be good’ with M&Ms on the kitchen table,” Kristen Singleton said. “Another morning, he was sitting back reading ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ to Brady’s stuff animal friends. He created a ‘shoe train’ with Brady’s shoes.”

Of course, when an elf spends most of his time at the icy, cold North Pole, he gets a little homesick for the things he does there.

That’s why Brady’s mom wasn’t too upset when she woke up and found that Joey had made snow angels in self-rising flour he had poured on the floor.

“Joey’s presence in our home has added so much excitement to the Christmas season for Brady,” his mom said. “Every morning he wakes up and the first thing he does is look for Joey and what he has been up to during the night.”

Singleton said that, after first spotting Joey this year, Brady has been sure to be on his best behavior.

“Each morning we leave for school, he tells Joey ‘bye’ and asks him to keep an eye on our dog, Boots, throughout the day,” Singleton said. “The addition of Joey to our family during the holidays has brought so much fun to our home. Kids can’t wait for Christmas, but having a Christmas elf helps count down the days for them.

“The fun and anticipation of seeing where Joey will appear each morning and what kind of mischief he may have gotten into has brought a daily excitement to the Christmas season for our family.

“We love to see Brady’s face when he sees Joey each morning and we love to hear him say, ‘Oh Joey! You are so funny!’”