Marty the Elf makes special appearance in Orlando

Published 11:00 pm Friday, December 13, 2013

Tanner Tyson was so excited about his trip to Disney World that he forgot to tell his Elf on the Shelf, Marty, that was he going to be gone for about a week.

Since 2008, Marty has been a Christmas guest in Tanner’s home. He arrives right around Thanksgiving each year and makes himself right at home. So, Tanner was sure that Marty would like having the house all to himself.

So, imagine the surprise when Tanner got to the hotel and found a note from Marty saying that he had looked for him everywhere and finally found him in Orlando.

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Marty was not about to miss the family vacation. It was his first stay in a hotel and his first trip to Disney World.

Of course, being an elf that would lose his magic if touched, Marty had to “hang out” in the hotel room. But, he could experience the magic of Disney World from the window.

And, Tanner shared all of the fun that he had had each day with his elf. Marty was on his family vacation and he was one happy elf.

But, Marty was no too happy to learn that Tanner had gotten the autographs of two of the main characters in “Toy Story,” Woodie and Buzz, and by their names, they had written No. 1.

The next morning No. 1, not Woodie; No. 2 Woodie and No. 3 Buzz,” Tanner said.

Marty wanted to be No. 1. And, in Tanner’s book, Marty is No. 1.

When it was time for Tanner, his brother Tyler, and his dad and mom, Ty and Michelle, to go back home, Tanner found a note from Marty saying that he had left and was on his way back to Alabama.

“He beat us home,” Tanner said.

Although Marty did go to Disney World without permission, he is really a good elf, Tanner said.

“He does some things that are kind of bad. He eats candy and leaves the paper lying around and leaves Doritos crumbs everywhere. And, last year, he ate the gumdrops off the Gingerbread house. That’s all the bad things he does.”

Most of the time, Marty just enjoys fishing for gold fish in a dish, riding on the back of the duck that lives on the mantle and looking out the window at the horses, the birds and the squirrels in the trees.

Most Elves on the Shelf catch a ride back to the North Pole with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve but not Marty. He stays to see what Santa brings Tanner and watch his family open their presents. Then, as quickly he appeared, he’s gone. But he’ll be back next year. Tanner said he can count on that.

Editor’s Note: The Messenger will feature an elf story each day until Christmas. Those who have scout elves visiting this Christmas season are invited to send their story and a photo to so it can be shared for others to enjoy.