Mischevious magical elf visits local family

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Evidently, The Elf on the Shelf is not the only elf in town this Christmas season.

Four-year-old, Carys Pittman’s elf is a Magic Elf with the same magical powers as the little fellow on the shelf and touching Piper is a no-no. One touch and the elf’s magical powers would be gone and Piper would be stuck on the shelf or wherever she happened to be when she was touched.

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Carys’ mom, Christy Pittman, said Piper shows up each year right after their Christmas decorations are done.

“Carys looks for Piper every morning as soon as she wakes up,” Christy Pittman said. “Piper leaves Carys notes on Christmas cards every day and sometimes she brings her surprises.”

This year Piper brought Carys “Frosty the Snowman” and “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” movies and a ticket to go see “Frozen.”

Piper likes to pretend she’s a princess and sometimes she hides in the princess’ castle. Every day, Piper has a surprise or two for Carys.

And, even though Piper is a nice elf, sometimes she can be naughty.

“Last year, Piper got caught in the ceiling fan,” Pittman said. “When we woke up, we saw her flying around in the air.”

And, Piper is very good at making a big mess.

“Last year, Piper, rolled the bathroom with toilet paper,” Pittman said. “Carys did not like that.

“When I told Carys that Piper might come back this year, she said that she hoped Piper didn’t make a mess with the toilet paper again.”

Piper likes to cook but she almost always makes a mess.

When she was making Christmas cupcakes for Carys’ preschool class, she got flour all over the kitchen and all over her.

“Piper doesn’t like to get dirty so, when she does, she takes a marshmallow bath,” Pittman said.

“She has been cooking again so I imagine that we’ll wake up and find her in a marshmallow bath … again.”

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